Earlier symptom of pregnancy?

Answer Answer Nausea is the most commonly KNOWN symptom but some of mine have included, slight pains (Similar to a period but no blood)Urinating a lot. sometimes Sudden craving especially if it's not som... Read More »

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Is diarrhea an early sign of pregnancy if it is the only symptom you exhibit or could the cause be stress from worrying about pregnancy?

Answer It is most likely a sign of stress from worrying about being pregnant. Diarrhea isn't necessarily a pregnancy symptom. A lot of pregnant women experience constipation during early pregnancy.... Read More »

Ladies that delivered before your due date, Did you feel your symptom changes earlier?

The baby dropped. Like, literally, dropped. I was huge and carrying up near my chest, then one day I was walking around and all the weight literally FELL to my hips. I almost peed myself, it was... Read More »

You have got pain in your sholder blades an in your shoulders along with other pregnancy symptoms is that a pregnancy symptom to?

Answer yes it is a sign of pregnancy, an ectopic pregnancy meaning the egg implanted in your fallopian tubes, which is very dangerous and life threating, look it up on the internet, you should see... Read More »

Is Throwing up a pregnancy symptom?

Answer It certainly can be, but it is not a definite sign. Have you missed your period? Had unprotected sex? Taken a home exam? There are places to go if you want to get checked out. Local cl... Read More »