Ear turns red when I put my second holes in?

Answer It's probably because the new earhole is not cleansed or uneven. It happened to my sister once and the hole ended up closing in. So she only had her first holes. But if u leave it alone n don't fus... Read More »

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Can an effected ear piercing in the third hole spread to the first and second holes (all earlobe piercings)?

It can infect your entire ear but I don't think it would specifically infect the holes unless those are newer piercing that aren't fully healed.

Samsung LCD TV Turns on ok for about an hour, than the screen turns black with Audio!@?

Check the inverter board, if not the CCFL tubes. Bad capacitors may not be obvious.2008 is somewhat old for a TV, so you may consider selling it as is and buying a new TV.

Kodak EasyShare Z650 turns on, lens comes out then screen goes black and camera turns off.?

Low power? Recharge or buy a new set of Energizer Lithium 'chever the case may be. If that does not work, the camera may already be dead. How unlucky can you get? A borrowed camera dies on you. The... Read More »

How to Fix it When My PSP Turns Itself Off?

The PlayStation Portable (PS3) is as much a hand-held computer as it is a portable game machine. The operating system of the PSP can become corrupted during normal use and suddenly cause the PSP to... Read More »