Ear popping painful on airplanes. Help!!?

Answer 1. Ask the pharmacist to recommend an ear plug specifically designed for flying. There is an assortment on the market for this purpose.2. Find a decongestant that is nondrowsy and can be carried on... Read More »

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'Popping' right!?

hii Ray!!first of all don't take pain killers..they bring temporary relaxation..go to a physician and have check-up ..u never know if small things change into dangerous problemsyeah yoga may help!!... Read More »

Help! Adverts always popping up?

I'm guessing you are using Internet Explorer. Whilst you may or may not have a virus, pop ups needn't necessarily be linked to that fact.I would go and install a proper web browser such as firefox ... Read More »

Ears popping really confused.. help!?

You have allergies, take a Claritin, clean your ears with hydrogen poroxide and u should feel fine, if it continues consult a doctor for pescription allergie meds

Help popping a large red zit without a head?

It is a cystic acne, you do not want to pop it, it will scar up. I used to breakout in cystic acne due to oily skin myself.Genetic and Stress can affect hormones and can theoretically promote acne.... Read More »