Ear piercing question ;)?

Answer You shouldn't twist it. All that will do is cause irritation and take longer to heal. How you sleep with it is more a matter of comfort. Sleep on your back if they're bothering you. As they heal mo... Read More »

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Ear piercing question?

Take it out, clean your ear and keep it out. Go to a salon to get it done.Never pierce your own ears or any part of your body x

Lip piercing question?

If hiding it from your teachers is a concern, go to your piercer. He/She can safely change it with no chance of infection. (You want a bioflex stud.) And they don't cost a whole lot at all.But, if ... Read More »

Nose piercing question?

If its what they told you, then do it. I'm sure that other people do that. Unless they don't look trustworthy....

Question about ear piercing?

Well they tell u to wear them for a 6 weeks but some people dont some people do it deends how ur ears heal.