Ear piercing question ;)?

Answer You shouldn't twist it. All that will do is cause irritation and take longer to heal. How you sleep with it is more a matter of comfort. Sleep on your back if they're bothering you. As they heal mo... Read More »

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Lip piercing question?

If hiding it from your teachers is a concern, go to your piercer. He/She can safely change it with no chance of infection. (You want a bioflex stud.) And they don't cost a whole lot at all.But, if ... Read More »

Ear piercing question?

Take it out, clean your ear and keep it out. Go to a salon to get it done.Never pierce your own ears or any part of your body x

Question about ear piercing?

Well they tell u to wear them for a 6 weeks but some people dont some people do it deends how ur ears heal.

Love piercing question! ?

u should clean them in the morning and at night for 6 weeks so it does not get infected.turn the posts when you clean them