Ear piercing infection should i take my earrings out?

Answer Yes..take em out and have another try when they are well.

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What gauge are the ear piercing earrings used at Claires?

The ear piercing guns used at Claire's are designed to pierce ears using 18 or 20 gauge starter earrings. These are the same gauges most frequently used by professional piercers, whose needles have... Read More »

When can I stop wearing earrings overnight in my new ear piercing?

How Long After Piercing Can You Wear Dangling Earrings?

California commercial driving laws are in place to provide the state and federal government with accurate information on all businesses conducting commercial deliveries as well as the records of al... Read More »

How to Make a Fake Lip Piercing Using Small Hoop Earrings?

If you want to look like you have a lip piercing without actually getting one, try making a fake one using small hoop earrings.