Ear piercing infection should i take my earrings out?

Answer Yes..take em out and have another try when they are well.

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Help! how to take care of a belly button piercing infection?

Don't remove the jewelry. First, it's far too soon after your piercing to remove your jewelry. Second, if this is an infection, you need to keep the jewelry in, as it'll help the infection to drain... Read More »

Should I take out my earrings?

You wouldn't have to, but it's depending on how big you want to stretch them. it you want to stretch them to al least a 10 gauge, you don't really have to worry about removing them other earrings. ... Read More »

Should I take out my nose piercing(URGENT!!!)?

It's not pretty but it's very normal. I had the same thing like an ugly big bump underneath the ring. Keep doing the sea salt and go by Walmart or target and pick up some tea tree oil. Dab a little... Read More »

If im pregnant should i take out my tongue piercing?

yesThat's a personal choice. There's no real reason to remove your tongue piercing just because you're pregnant.