Ear piercing infection?

Answer It's a hypertrophic scar, not an infection! They're not uncommon with piercings! Nothing to worry about at all. You're doing a great job with the sea salt soaks, but only do it once a day. Doing it... Read More »

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How to get rid of an infection in the lip piercing?

Well I don't have lip piercingly but I have a web and smiley piercing. And others ones. Well I'm not a pro but I say you first ice it to reduce the redness. Second you a salt water solution for the... Read More »

Ear piercing infection should i take my earrings out?

Yes..take em out and have another try when they are well.

Ear piercing infection help please its really urgent!!!?

I never had piercings but had lobe infections twice. The first time, pus was extracted with a needle and I got a powerful, expensive antibiotic. Then I was told to use HOT compresses constantly t... Read More »


First off you should never take a piercing out clean it and then put it back in.Wash your hands with antibacterial soap. Take a clean Q-tip and dip it into some warm water with sea salt (this can b... Read More »