Ear peircing?

Answer They will be sensitive for a few days to a week, depending on the piercing. Just make sure you follow your piercer's aftercare and you will be fine. Sea salt soaks really help (making up a soluti... Read More »

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What do you think the best body peircing is?

Since you're athletic than maybe dermals on your hips?… This piercings is really cute & pretty uncommon but its quite painful. There's also the common pie... Read More »

Does ear peircing hurt?

I'm assuming that by professionally, you mean that you're going to a piercing studio and getting it done with a needle.guns are known to shatter cartilage, so I hope you're not going that route.did... Read More »

Can i let my ear peircing close safely?

Yes, take out the studs and let it scab over and heal. Keep the wound clean of course.If you did it yourself, and not by a professional piercer, go see a doctor as you could have blood poisoning.

Navel Peircing helpp?

just explain to your mom that a navel piercing is not a bad thing. and that there is several girls in your school that has it. i just turned 13 and im getting a lip piercing. try to convince her.