Ear peircing?

Answer They will be sensitive for a few days to a week, depending on the piercing. Just make sure you follow your piercer's aftercare and you will be fine. Sea salt soaks really help (making up a soluti... Read More »

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Is it safe to get an ear peircing if I am diabetic?

It appears that a little common sense is in order here....How well do you control your blood glucose? How well do you heal from cuts and scrapes? You see, the truth is that not all diabetics are th... Read More »

Is my industrial peircing infected?

Afew tips1. Never use peroxide or alcohol on a piercing it will dry it out. Make a mixture of sea salt (yes, from a pet store) and warm water. Use a cotton ball to apply the solution to your pierci... Read More »

How painfull is an earlobe peircing?

seriously, they can pierce infants ears, and you dont think you'll be able to handle that?just dont get it done with a gun, for various reasons. more risk of infection. more painful. the blunt earr... Read More »

Can i let my ear peircing close safely?

Yes, take out the studs and let it scab over and heal. Keep the wound clean of course.If you did it yourself, and not by a professional piercer, go see a doctor as you could have blood poisoning.