Ear pain Minimal discomfort?

Answer babe, there is a cure that does MIRACLES to ear pain. 1) you need a small garlic clove - Yes Garlic - trust me IT WORKS!2) peel it 3) cut a very thin slice of it - the width of a toothpick4) heat t... Read More »

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Root canal tooth, crack in crown, never had pain or discomfort, replaced crown & now pain?

It should have stopped hurting by now. It's possible that the tooth itself is cracked vertically from the top to the bottom. This is one of the few situations where the tooth can't be saved. You... Read More »

How a Dog Shows Pain & Discomfort?

Dogs are not able to verbalize where it hurts and the severity of the pain. It is up to the pet owner to observe the animal and interpret the signs to determine the level of discomfort the dog is e... Read More »

How to Become Flexible With Minimal Pain?

Want to get flexible legs, feet, and back? Here's how!

Joint STIFFNESS and DISCOMFORT but not pain = arthritis?

There are many things other than arthritis that cause joint stiffness and discomfort. It is possible to have arthritis with little to no pain, but it's not likely. The type of arthritis that young ... Read More »