Ear is clogged, hard to hear, but I do not think it is from wax?

Answer Your eustachian tubes probably have gunk in them due to your cold. Unless you still have other symptoms all you need is a plain decongestant with nothing else. You don't really need all the other... Read More »

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I think I've removed something from (I think) my hard drive in an attempt to speed up my laptop...?

You probably uninstalled the sound driver. You will need to go to the laptop's manufacturer's website and find your model. Then see if they offer the drivers for download and install the sound driv... Read More »

Would you be able to hear a train from about two and a half miles away I hear it late at night?

It appears you are answering your own question. Under the right conditions I have heard train whistles from twice that distance, as from the top of a mountain with the train traveling through a val... Read More »

I was cleaning my ear with a Q tip and now it feels like it is clogged, like i can faintly hear, what do i do?

go to the doctor, they will have a checkup and prescribe(sp) you some correct ear drop.