Ear infection extremely painful please help?

Answer Yes, I think you should go back and see a doctor, perhaps they will give you something stronger than you can buy in a pharmacy for the pain.Meanwhile, take tylenol or ibuprofen, the soluble version... Read More »

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Your 8 year old daughter has a lump in the right hand side off her neck and its extremely painful when it is touched and she will scream in pain she has had this for about 8 week's now please help?

Please see a doctor Immidiately. Any kind of lump in the body should be dealt with seriously and shown to the doctor at the earliest.I agree with the above - most likely the lesion is an infection ... Read More »

Extremely painful back problems. Help?

Sounds like you've developed sciatica. The muscles in your back seize up with the pain from your trapped sciatic nerve just above your pelvis. A muscle relaxant from the doc can help in the short -... Read More »

Please help !!! (extremely self-conscious)?

Hmmm, I totally understand where you are coming from. I have red hair, freckles, horrible teeth that need braces but i cant afford, im overweight, AND my nose is crooked because it got hit by a bas... Read More »

Extremely bad anxitey attack, please help?

Ive been sufferin with this since I was 14 Im 20 now. I want you to know afew things . A PANIC ATTACK CANNOT KILL YOU.It is uncomfortable but you need to know what your body is doing. You have thou... Read More »