Ear cartilage infection PLEASE HELP?

Answer I know that you probably don't want to hear this but if it hasn't gotten better I would remove it. Something is clearly wrong and until you can figure out what's causing the problem I think its pro... Read More »

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Ear Piercing Cartilage Infection?

Piercings of the ear cartilage are a common form of body adornment. The piercings may be done using a piercing "gun" or with a sterilized needle at a piercing or tattoo salon. The piercing can get ... Read More »

UTI and Yeast infection. Help please?

Sounds to me like you need a new doctor. My doctor told me that sex is usually the cause of UTI.You could also be slightly allergic to your husbands semen. Have you tried sex with a condom and se... Read More »

I have an ear infection PLEASE HELP!!!?

Advil. Hope you feel better it must be horrible. I have had ear pain and it totally sucks! hang in there. go to a different doc?

Is this an ear infection! Please Help?

your ear drum could have something wrong with it if theres no swelling. putting peroxide in your will help if it is any kind of ear infection.