Ear Piercing self done?

Answer does it HURT much? Do you keep it sterile or use peroxide on it in case it gets infected? Is it red or pussie? If it hurts worse and doesn't seem to get better may be,,,use your judgement and ... Read More »

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Tips on self piercing?

Hmmm, I never have done my own self-piercings. So, I can't tell you much, maybe you should just watch a video or something on how to do your own home piercings, and make sure whatever you are using... Read More »

How to Do a Self Piercing at Home?

picture of self lip piercingNowadays, piercings have been becoming popular among people all over. Self-piercing has also become very popular. However, its a very risky situation. Do you have what i... Read More »

How is a Prince Albert piercing done?

A Prince Albert piercing is a male genital piercing that goes through the urethra of the penis. The healing period for this piercing ranges from 9 to 12 weeks. While healing from this piercing, ble... Read More »

What Can Be Done to Fix a Lip Piercing Hole?

Lip piercing is a trendy, edgy look, but if you have changed your mind about your lip piercing, or if the hole is stretched or has become infected, there are steps you can take to correct the probl... Read More »