Ear Antibiotics for Dogs?

Answer Dogs often get ear infections or ear mites that require the use of antibiotics. Signs of ear disease include odor, incessant scratching, redness and shaking or tilting of the head. The antibiotics ... Read More »

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Antibiotics for Cats & Dogs?

Veterinarians prescribe antibiotics for dogs and cats when it is fairly certain that the pet is suffering from some type of infection, usually bacterial. Antibiotics are not useful if the infection... Read More »

Topical Antibiotics for Dogs?

Veterinarians prescribe topical antibiotics for dogs to treat minor cuts, scratches, hot spots, abrasions, or inflammation due to contact dermatitis or allergies. Certain canine ear and eye conditi... Read More »

Types of Antibiotics for Dogs?

Antibiotics are medications intended to eliminate aggressive infections in dogs, humans and other animals. The type of antibiotic chosen is determined by your veterinarian. In most cases vets, like... Read More »

What antibiotics are safe for dogs?

Most dogs at some point will need a dose of antibiotics to cure an infection of some kind or as a preventative measure. Certain antibiotics are simple and safe to use for dogs; however, always cons... Read More »