Each time i click on a link or wikipedia or most links it takes me to another website?

Answer i think its malware virus

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Every time I Google something and click on a link, it takes me to ads instead of the page I clicked on...?

Well use ablock plus :)For Firefox…For Chrome…Just suggestion while you install any new software, simply just do... Read More »

Why is when I use google now and I click on a link it always takes me to a shopping site instead of where I?

You have a DNS hijacker. Your router has likely been redirected (and my guess it's somewhere like the Ukraine). The ONLY program I found that would delete it was Super Anti Spyware. See the source ... Read More »

I never get the blue links while printing Wikipedia pages. Should I click somewhere ?

If you print a Wikipedia page directly from the internet (i.e. press File>Print) the blue links won't show up.A quick and easy way to get to blue links to show up is just to copy and paste all the ... Read More »

Many wiki entries have external links at the end, is it ok to link to a Facebook page, an "unofficial" website?

It might be OK, but be prepared to back up your link with arguments why the Facebook page is a valuable link. Wikipedians are fairly strict when it comes to external links: we try to keep the exter... Read More »