EXTREME foot pain after injury! Please help!?

Answer You absolutely need an x-ray. Has all the makings and circumstance of a possible fracture (perhaps in calcaneus). Please get one ASAP. Urgent Care may be more reasonable for getting this done th... Read More »

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As a pharmaceutical tech i get calls like these all night long. Here is my response ( i have memorized it) "The symptoms you are experiencing are severe. You need to seek medical help as soon as yo... Read More »

Extreme heart pain! What to do PLEASE HELP..?

Please, please call an ambulance! There is frankly no BETTER reason to call an ambulance than the situation you describe. He needs to go to the hospital. If it's a matter of money, don't worry a... Read More »

Foot Pain! please help!!?

Hello,It is difficult to say exactly what this bump on your heel is. It could be anything from a blister, a plantar wart or even a case of Haglund's Deformity.In order to diagnose you better please... Read More »

Sudden, extreme arch pain, no injury?

There is a muscle under your foot that often times tightens up to give pains under your foot. There are also others within the foot but are too complicated to get at now, so hopefully this will he... Read More »