ESL Techniques for Pronunciation and Correction?

Answer As an English as a second language (ESL) speaker, you want to minimize language errors so that you can pronounce words properly in order to boost your speaking confidence and be sure others underst... Read More »

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Techniques to Teach Pronunciation?

Make pronunciation lessons effective and fun by using a variety of techniques and addressing different learning styles. Whether you teach a foreign language or ESL, you can use aural, visual, intel... Read More »

Techniques for Improving English Pronunciation?

English can be difficult to learn because there are almost always exceptions to the "rules." For people of different cultures, some letters in English may be hard to pronounce as well. This can mak... Read More »

How do u find information about an inmate at a correction cneter the center is eastern ohio correction center?

Call the prison, they can tell you only whats on his public information page. Which by the way isnt the whole story by a long shot, not actual crimes just what he pled down to and what he is curren... Read More »

How to Improve Your Pronunciation?

No matter what language you are learning, it can be difficult to master the pronunciation. We are influenced by our own native tongue as how to pronounce groups of letters. There might be some soun... Read More »