ESL Exercises in Present Continuous Tense?

Answer The present continuous verb tense describes action occurring in the moment. "He is washing dishes" implies that his hands are in the dishwater right now. Students need a firm grasp of the conjugati... Read More »

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How to Present Simple Continuous ESL Exercises?

Both older and younger students study English for general learning, for college qualifying examinations and for career requirements. While there are many different approaches to teaching ESL, using... Read More »

Teaching Ideas for the Present Tense?

Learning the English language is a challenge for many levels of students. From elementary school kids to those who have arrived from areas of another linguistic tradition, the present tense is one ... Read More »

How to Use the Present Progressive Tense in Spanish?

This article will help you with present progressive in Spanish. A present progressive verb is a kinetic verb (action) rather than a passive one which says you are doing whatever the action is right... Read More »

Spanish Present Tense Games?

Conjugating verbs in Spanish can be a difficult part of learning the language since Spanish verbs in the present tense change with each subject. Students can practice conjugating verbs with classro... Read More »