EOG Comprehension Test Tips?

Answer Reading comprehension is an important skill students will need for the EOG (End-of-Grade) test, as well as for standardized tests they will take in the future such as the SAT and the rest of their ... Read More »

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Training Tips for the SAT Test for Reading Comprehension?

Preparing for the SAT strikes fear in the hearts of many college hopefuls because of its importance in the college admission process. The critical-reading section of the test features college-level... Read More »

The Uses of Comprehension Test Results?

Comprehension tests have many uses in education. Comprehension tests are used to evaluate skills (e.g., reading, listening) in students of all ages. Unlike aptitude tests, comprehension tests measu... Read More »

Reading Comprehension Test Strategies?

With the push for public schools to improve reading proficiency among students, reading comprehension has become a primary focus of educators. By providing multiple opportunities to practice throug... Read More »

How to Do Skimming in a Reading Comprehension Test?

A reading comprehension test assesses your understanding of a reading passage. To skim is to read quickly for main ideas in a text. When taking a reading comprehension test, your main objective sho... Read More »