EMERGENCY, urgent help required, please help!!!!!?

Answer don't rely on Richard T.He didn't notice you tried to ring the NHS which they dont have in the USA, dialling 911 will do you a fat lot of good in the UK Richard T.You are obviously disabled (wheel... Read More »

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Head injury Urgent Care or Emergency Room?

Honestly if it has been 24 hours since your injury and you don't feel worse, it probably isn't anything worth an ER or urgent care visit. You most likely don't have a complex skull fracture or a su... Read More »

Stuck up bum. It really hurts, urgent help required?

If you were in his shoes would you really feel like making small talk about the weather. The guys probably very low and I don't blame him for telling you where to go. Why don't you do as someone ... Read More »

Education Required for Emergency Physician Job?

Emergency physicians work in hospital emergency rooms and provide patients with urgent care. They must make split-second decisions and act quickly to save lives and prevent further injury or disabi... Read More »

Is medical care required by emergency rooms?

The Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act requires emergency rooms to provide lifesaving medical care to patients in emergencies and to provide medical treatment to patients in active la... Read More »