EMERGENCY, urgent help required, please help!!!!!?

Answer don't rely on Richard T.He didn't notice you tried to ring the NHS which they dont have in the USA, dialling 911 will do you a fat lot of good in the UK Richard T.You are obviously disabled (wheel... Read More »

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Stuck up bum. It really hurts, urgent help required?

If you were in his shoes would you really feel like making small talk about the weather. The guys probably very low and I don't blame him for telling you where to go. Why don't you do as someone ... Read More »

Please Help! Should I Go To The ER Emergency! Please Help!?

Oh, my dear.That flank pain is from a urinary tract infection which has gotten worse and now you likely have urosepsis and will require IV antibiotics and hospital admission.Go to the ER right away... Read More »

URGENT! Please help me?

It might not even be because of that. Because you are 13 you are going through puberty and your body starts growing and changing. Maybe your hair is starting to go wavy because of that. There is no... Read More »

URGENT help please?

I'm no doctor, and you might want to check with one, but I think your tetnus shot should still be good. Now if the dog has rabies, that's another question. Do you know anything about the dog? How l... Read More »