EMERCENCY!!!! Help I need answers now!! ?

Answer If it was fractured, you wouldn't be able to move it because of the pain. It's probably a pulled muscle. If you want, I doctor could check you out. Now if there is a reason it could be fractured, a... Read More »

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EMERCENCY!!!! I'm freaking out need someone to help?

Maybe you sleept on it wrong I done it myself it hurts like H take some advil or something it will go away or if it really hurts go to the ER

Need some answers! please help me?

Apple sent out an invite and it is coming out on Septembet 12th. Yes, you have to buy out the rest of your contract.I don't know what the fee is sorry!Hoped I helped!

I'm totally serious. I need help. No joke answers please.?

Don't watch it. Think of how desperate and pathetic it is making you sound.

I accidentally swallowed the wax for my braces! HELP!!! I NEED ANSWERS QUICK!!?

Don't worry! You'll be fine! It's made for putting in your mouth. If it was harmful at all they wouldn't let you do that right?? No worries!