EC:What food is high in sodium?

Answer You can pretty much assume that most (but not all) processed foods will have a higher sodium content than raw or unprocessed/preserved foods. Processed foods = food that is prepackaged in a can, va... Read More »

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How to Correct Low Blood Sodium by Eating High Sodium Foods?

Salt deficiency, or hyponatremia, is a condition in which the blood electrolyte levels drop to below average and even dangerous levels. The condition has many causes, including the consumption of t... Read More »

High prices for food... why do people with a yard or land complain about high food prices when they can?

I agree that people should at least try it. Most suburban gardens haven't the room, or are not allowed to have chickens or meat animals, but growing fruit and veg doesn't take up much room or time.... Read More »

Is sodium nitrate used to preserve food?

Sodium nitrate can be used as a color fixative and food preservative in cured meats and poultry products. Sodium nitrate helps prevent Clostridium botulinum, which can cause botulism in people, fro... Read More »

How hot are high-pressure sodium bulbs?

According to The Philips Lighting Company, a 430-watt high pressure-sodium bulb has a maximum bulb press temperature of 210 degrees Celsius (410 degrees Fahrenheit) and a maximum bulb temperature o... Read More »