EBay question do you smell a rat?

Answer No, no no. I am an Ebay Powerseller and have been for years - NO ESCROW - this is an old trick used daily on Ebay to cheat unsuspecting people. And do not contact people outside the auction to wo... Read More »

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PayPal/Ebay question!?

This will take awhile for this to show up.Good luck!

Bidding on eBay question?;_ylt=Atp1qLMJdIKEp7ImTjbmipQSxgt.;_ylv=3?link=answer&qid=20120903170916AA9EAjL

Question about ebay?

Are you sure that it was you that won,sometimes a seller gets a good offer and just decides to sell it to that person by ending the auction early, a notice usually comes up on the auction page "ite... Read More »

Question about eBay....?

use his account info along with your ebay transaction number and make deposit in his account and request a receipt