EASY POINTS!!! What is your very favourite animal?

Answer Emperor Penguin... now THERE's a man who's good with kids.

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What is ur favorite kind of chip easy ten points if u guess my favporite! easy!!?

Mine Is Hot Cheetos.And My Guess Is That Yours Are Too.but idk.

What is your favourite animal(s)?

What is your favourite animal and why?

Golden Eagle - I am the Golden Eagle. I am brave, I stick up for others, and I hate evil. That is why my favorite animal is the golden eagle.

Favourite animal in any movie?

My 1st thought was the Shark from Jaws ( they named him Bruce ) and Kong from King Kong. But I also have to say Sid from the movie Ice Age ( the Sloth) And can't forget Donkey from Shrek. BQ- ye... Read More »