EASY POINTS!!! What is your very favorite vegetable & fruit?

Answer Right now I will say:Mushrooms and tomatoes!!!Ask me later, I'll likely answer different.

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What is ur favorite kind of chip easy ten points if u guess my favporite! easy!!?

Mine Is Hot Cheetos.And My Guess Is That Yours Are Too.but idk.

What is your favorite fruit and vegetable?

Scuba -We think and taste alike -I'm grapefruit and Brussel sprouts.My second choices are asparagus - has to be raw for the best taste. And for fruit - honeydew melon.

Do you want an easy 2 points I'm trying to get at least 40+ to answer this q! What is ur favorite hair color?

How do you tell a fruit from a vegetable?

Fruits develop from the ovaries of plants and contain the seeds. Some plants develop other parts to contain or hold the seeds ("pomes" like the apple and pear, accessory fruits like the strawberry)... Read More »