E.A.S. Emergency Alert System: Direct T.V.?

Answer radiation from japan could possibly reach california. They're trying to figure out if people are being affected. just a guess though

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What is the Emergency Alert System channel for dish network?

Usually, the Emergency alert would be broadcast on one of your local channels. If you are referring to a possible weather issue, you could tune into TWC- The Weather Channel, which can be found on ... Read More »

Is there a filter for your digital cable to block the Emergency Alert system?

no there is not. It is important to have it.

EAS emergency alert on TV?

Emergency Alert System. For TVs, it is a way for TV broadcasters to take control of your TV to get critical emergency messages to you, such as severe weather alerts. It is mandatory and there is n... Read More »

Emergency Alert & Notification Systems?

Though the Emergency Alert System has never been activated at a national level, we've all heard it being used by local officials. These alerts can be in reference to dangerous weather, missing chil... Read More »