EAR POPPED on plane- painful! 10 points if u can fix it!?

Answer Try will dry up your sinuses and drain your ear doctor told me to take two Sudafed and use Afrin about an hour before take really works; I get the most horrific ear ... Read More »

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Painful knee! 10 points best answer.?

M., Knees are nothing to mess with! I got hit by a truck as a pedestrian in 2001 and my whole left side was hit and had to have medal plates and staples screws, you name it I got hit pretty goo... Read More »

How to Find a Plane With 3 Points?

The equation of a plane in three-dimensional space can be written in algebraic notation as ax + by + cz = d, where at least one of the real-number constants "a," "b," and "c" must not be zero, and ... Read More »

How to Know if Two Points Are on the Same Side of a Plane?

Euclid and his great work, "Elements" comes to mind when considering geometry. It is the earliest systematic discussion of geometry. Because of this, Euclid is considered the father of geometry. E... Read More »

What Are the Four Points of the Coordinate Plane Called?

The coordinate plane, used for graphing lines, parabolas and geometric shapes, includes every rational point possible, from negative to positive infinity. The plane consists of two axes, x and y, t... Read More »