E350 Specifications?

Answer The Mercedes E350 comes as either a two-door coupe or cabriolet, or as a four-door sedan. The car comes with features such as the Attention Assist system that detects if the driver shows signs of d... Read More »

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Ford E350 Specifications?

Ford developed the E-series for the full-size cargo van market. Introduced as the Econoline in 1960, it was updated in 1993. The 2011 model features flex-fuel capability in the E-350's standard eng... Read More »

How to Remove Glowplugs on a 6.0 E350?

Diesel engines operate differently from their gasoline counterparts. If the ambient temperature is below a certain point, diesel fuel can start to gel, making it difficult to start the vehicle. To ... Read More »

Problems With an E350 Mercedes?

The Mercedes-Benz E350 has only been in production since 2005 and has no reported recalls as of 2010. has reported a National Highway Traffic Safety Association investigation into... Read More »

How much does a Ford E350 van weigh?

For the last year it was produced, 1998, the Ford E-350 recreational van weighed 5,356 lb. and was 211.9 inches long. The super recreational Ford E-350 van weighed 5,495 lb. and was 231.9 inches lo... Read More »