E book reader - reading in the dark.?

Answer You can get colour ereaders that are backlit. Take a look at…Don't know what it is like, personally I have a kindle which is fantastic, and I know you ca... Read More »

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How to Write a Book Report Without Reading the Book?

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How to Do a Book Report Without Reading the Book?

Writing a book report without reading the book can be easy or difficult, depending on your resources. When writing a book report, it is always best to read the entire book before writing the report... Read More »

Which E-Reader is the best for reading PDFs?

You can see this user review mentioning about both the Kindle Paperwhite and the Nook, it does mentioned something on PDF handling as well: Kobo is much less p... Read More »

How to Use PSP As an E-Book Reader?

You can use the PlayStation Portable's built-in browser as an e-book reader to read any e-book you have in HTML or plain text format. Many public domain books in these formats are available for fre... Read More »