E book reader - reading in the dark.?

Answer You can get colour ereaders that are backlit. Take a look at…Don't know what it is like, personally I have a kindle which is fantastic, and I know you ca... Read More »

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Which E-Reader is the best for reading PDFs?

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What Thoughts Should a Reader Have After Reading an Essay?

Topics are as varied as the people who write essays. Therefore there isn't one or more specific idea that you should have about any particular essay. Instead, essays need to be read with an analyti... Read More »

How to Write a Book Report Without Reading the Book?

Book reports are some of the most unpleasant tasks that young students face. It can be difficult to summon up the motivation to finish the book, especially if it is particularly boring. So follow t... Read More »

Why does my document scan dark to acrobat reader?

What you need to do is go in the scanner preferences and add a little contrast to your scans. This will lighten the background considerably. You can add ore contrast according to your liking.