Dying my hair, will this method work?

Answer My hair is currently that color. You need developer. I used 40 volume. And buy extra dye and mix it with your conditioner when you shower. Helps keep it red. Look into developer! Lol. That's why mi... Read More »

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Will dying your hair with coffee work on dark blonde hair?

Yes but it will wash out much quicker than dye, so keep going to Starbucks lol.

Will this method work for dual screen monitors?

Dyed my hair dark brown, and now i want to due it bright red. Will dying several times make it work?

If you want it bright red, you will have to lighten it first with bleach.If your hair is dyed a dark color, you cannot put a lighter color over it and it work.However, if your hair is natural, you ... Read More »

Will dip-dying/ombreing your hair damage it?

I'm not sure but if you want to do just streaks of color because you're curious how it looks, try chalking your hair (it's not real chalk, its actually a soft pastel)! There's videos all over youtu... Read More »