Dying my hair for the first time today or soon?

Answer Since It's your first time, wait until the weekend so if you mess up, you'll have time to fix it. Also, the stories about hair dye changing over time is not true. I have five emergency boxes of hai... Read More »

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Dying my hair at home for the first time...what should i do prior for best results?

Wash your hair a day before or two days before depending on how greasy your hair is. and don't listen to the other guy. it's okaye to get it done by your self. Just when you do dye your hair, make ... Read More »

I colored my hair for the first time ever today and it got all messed up what can I do now to fix it?

pray and wait for it to wash out It probably really looks cool though you just think it messed up so I wouldn't worry too much.

About the new ombre hair trend, when dying half of the hair a bright color how is the maintenance?

I haven't done the ombré with color yet just from brown to blond but I have had color in my hair just as streaks and I know especially with pink they tend to lose their color quickly am turn a bit... Read More »

Will dying your hair with coffee work on dark blonde hair?

Yes but it will wash out much quicker than dye, so keep going to Starbucks lol.