Dying Eyebrows With Hair Dye?

Answer It is wonderful how you can change from being a fiery redhead one day to a sultry blonde the next with hair dye. The one thing that will really give away your secret is whether or not your eyebrows... Read More »

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Can dying your hair with Kool-Aid give you hair cancer?

Will dying your hair with coffee work on dark blonde hair?

Yes but it will wash out much quicker than dye, so keep going to Starbucks lol.

Dying hair with kool-aid?

FYI, although you might already know this, when you dye your hair with kool aid its "extremely" hard to get it back out. I only know this because I dyed my hair red once from Kool Aid for a play I ... Read More »

Need help with hair dying?

Dye the bottom part first and wait about half of the time on the instructions, example 30 minutes total wait 15 minutes then color the top of the hair. That way the bottom will be the same color as... Read More »