Dvd player wont read any dvds!! it just says no disc?

Answer If it's only two months old - take it back and get it sorted - it will still be under warranty.TIP: Give them a set time to make repair - say 10 working days - after that time you have more power -... Read More »

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My DVD player says "Disc Loading" but after a short time it changes to "No disc". What is the problem?

the disc is dirty, lyke it has a lot of scratches on the back of the CD

My car cd player has started to read "no disc" when there is a disc. Why is that and what should I do?

Check the mode feature if your player has one. This allows you to manually switch between CD, MP3 and other modes. If its a specific CD, check if it has a lot of scratches. If its all CDs, try cle... Read More »

My blu ray player wont play dvds?

Blu-Rays and DVDs use different lasers to read the discs. It may be a mechanical problem.

How to Fix an Old PS2 That Says Disc Read Errors?

Playstation 2 games and DVDs all contain different coding, and some are harder for the console's laser to read than others. Games with a blue disc are noted for this particular problem. The systems... Read More »