Dvd decoder...can some one send me one for ten points.?

Answer i will find something, when i get time.

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What are some good, sad songs 10 points?

Well I like the song apoligize,,but it's kind of like breaking up with someone so I don't think that will work.You could try held by Natalie Grant or Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol.Through the Glass b... Read More »

Want to make some easy exra points?

Hmmm i have always wondered that. Maybe its cuz china is the one that makes all the technology like ya know the MADE IN CHINA signs but i dont really know, just a guess

I need some Network help, I will give 10 points?

you might have to port forward the port through both routers

10 points if some one can help me with these drivers eud questions!!!?

People who are new at things - whether it's being a waitress, bartender, plumber or DRIVER, should make themselves aware of the hazards of what they are doing. By reading and digesting and ponderin... Read More »