DvD Quality Help from dv.?

Answer It has to be DVD compliant MPEG-2. You'll also need a DVD authoring app and the DVD has to be written in UDF. DVD Flick is a good, free app for making DVDs, though it's very limited in its abilit... Read More »

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Need help buying a <US$1000 DSLR - am an amateur seeking to improve the quality of shots I get from my compact?

It will only make sense to use a dSLR if you know what you're doing. Invest half your money on a cheap dSLR. Use the other half for photography lessons. Without committing to study the basics of ph... Read More »

Please help, my friend is telling me that if I don't have hd channels than i can't get hd quality help.?

You need both the HD box and you need to subscribe to HD channel package. Once you subscribe to the high def package ($10 month), you will see 2 channels for many of the different channels. One cha... Read More »

DSLR camera quality help?

Can you help me pick out a quality camcorder?

Hi, well I have a few suggestions, I recently researched this also, I decided on the Panasonic PV GS300, I have also heard the Panasonic PV GS500 is very good, however I wanted a more compact camco... Read More »