Duty of care?

Answer Duty Of Care Limited is the business activities business based in Staindrop

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What is meant by duty of care ?

duty of care n. a requirement that a person act toward others and the public with watchfulness, attention, caution and prudence that a reasonable person in the circumstances would. If a person's ac... Read More »

How duty of care contributes to the safeguarding or protection of individuals?

Duty of care contributes to the safeguarding/protection of individuals by preventing abuse, weather this be in a sexual, physical or emotional harmful ways. Help keep respect and dignity preserved

Describe the difference between mandatory reporting and the responsibility of duty of care?

It is the resposibilty to ensure safety for those in the care of others. Duty of cares involves in the care of others. Duty of care involves anticipating and avoiding foreseeable harm or minimising... Read More »

Are 68w suppose to pull cq or staff duty as being an oncall 24hr duty position?

Yes, you can be expected to pull CQ or Staff Duty, provided your regular duties can be fulfilled by someone else. If you're a line medic, in a line unit, and the unit's PA can do with one medic les... Read More »