Duties of the Men, Women & Children of the Nez Perce?

Answer The Nez Perce, or Nimi'ipuu as they call themselves, are a tribe of Native Americans who live in the Pacific Northwest. They were originally one of the largest tribes in the area. Like most Native ... Read More »

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War Horses of the Nez Perce?

Appaloosa is the name of the horse bred by the Nez Perce Indians, who were well-known for their selective breeding capabilities. These horses have been a part of their culture since the 1700s. Nez ... Read More »

How to Follow the Nez Perce Trail?

If you have the desire, you can follow the Nez Perce, Nee-Me-Poo, Trail, 1,170 miles of terrain through four states beginning in the Wallowa Valley in Oregon and ending at Bear's Paw Battleground i... Read More »

Nez Perce Projects for School?

The Nez Perce tribe lived in eastern Washington and eastern Oregon in the Blue Mountains. Some descendants live in Idaho and Washington today. The Nez Perce culture centered around hunting and gath... Read More »

What are the duties and responsibilities of children towards their parents?

NO RULES. nuff' said. ^^ no, duties and responsibilities can be anything basically. For example chores. if the parents are always busy and need help around the house chores would be a good idea. ma... Read More »