Duties of a Restaurant Cashier?

Answer A restaurant cashier needs to be able to stand for long hours to punch numbers into a cash register. She has to work near hot grills and ovens and needs to be cautious about slips, falls, burns and... Read More »

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What Are the Duties of a Cashier in a Bank?

A bank cashier is also known as a bank teller. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this is the most common job position at a bank. The teller performs basic banking services, such as verif... Read More »

Duties & Description of a Cashier?

Found in retail outlets across the nation, such as stores, dining establishments, movie theaters and gas stations, the role of cashier is an entry level, but necessary, position. Earning a median h... Read More »

Casino Cashier Job Duties?

Nearly 17,000 people made a living as casino cashiers in 2008. These workers provide services to casino guests and other casino employees. Cashiers handle a lot of cash and work in a fast-paced env... Read More »

Job Duties in a Restaurant?

There are many jobs with different work requirements that help a restaurant run efficiently and productively. In addition to the host and waitstaff with whom the customer will interact, there are p... Read More »