During what years was the Mexican War of Independence fought?

Answer The Mexican War of Independence began in September of 1810 and continued until September of 1821. The war started when the people of Mexico, including Mexican-born Spaniards, declared their indepen... Read More »

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Who fought in the mexican war?

The Mexican war was fought between two neighbors: the United States and Mexico. The armed conflict lasted from 1846 to 1848 after the United States' annexation of Texas. After the war's end, Mexico... Read More »

What led to the day of the Mexican War of Independence?

According to TSHA Online, "The Mexican War of Independence was in reality a series of revolts that grew out of increasing political turmoil in both Spain and Mexico." The war formally began on Sept... Read More »

What role did the U.S. have in the Mexican Independence War?

The United States had economic, political and social interests in Mexico. Humanitarian groups, such as religious groups from the United States, cared for Mexicans facing hardships during the Mexica... Read More »

When did the Mexican war of independence start?

The Mexican war of independence was fought from Sept. 16, 1810, to Aug. 24, 1821. The people of Mexico wanted independence from Spanish rule. In 1822 Augustin de Iturbide became the country's first... Read More »