During what time period did ancient Egypt exist?

Answer Ancient Egypt existed during the time period from roughly 5500 B.C. to 332 B.C. The approximately 4,200-year time line covers ten major eras (Predynastic, Early Dynastic, Old Kingdom, First Interme... Read More »

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Did the light bulb exist in ancient egypt?

The Egyptians almost certainly did not have light bulbs. A drawing on the wall of a temple shows an object that some have suggested might be a form of light bulb. In fact, the drawing probably show... Read More »

What was the slaves'religion in Ancient Egypt?

Because slaves came from so many different places, there was not one religion followed by all of them. The most well-known "slave" population of ancient Egypt was the Israelites, who worshiped Yahw... Read More »

What was the ancient capital of Egypt?

Memphis is the Greek translation for Mennfur, which was the capital of ancient Egypt after the pharaoh Menes united the Upper and Lower kingdoms. It was founded around 3100 B.C.Source:Tour Egypt: M... Read More »

What was the religion of ancient Egypt?

The religion of ancient Egypt was an elaborate polytheistic (many gods) one that varied by region and changed through time. This religion was very closely connected to the ancient Egyptians’ ever... Read More »