During what phase of the moon are women most likely to go into labor?

Answer Answer Women go into labor at any time. Answer After working in an OB/GYN for 2 years, we noticed a pattern of women going into labor anywhere from immediately to 24 hours after a full moon. They... Read More »

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Do most people go into labor during the day or night?

Most women go into labor during the night or very early morning, according to certified nurse midwife Ingrid Andersson. Labor hormones are closely linked to circadian rhythms, and labor most often ... Read More »

During the active phase of labor 4-5 Cm the patient who is using lamaze should be encourage to use which of the following technique during a contraction?

How do women get eclampsia during labor or before giving birth?

usually because either they don't know that they're pregnant and they drink, do drugs, or are sick, and they get eclampsia, or that it runs in their family.

Is it more common to go into labor during the day or at night?

Most women report going into labor by night. It seems to be that labor begins when a woman is calm and relaxed. This is true of mammals in the wild as well.