Dureing pregnancy what does a litter box do to your baby?

Answer Answer I'm not a doctor, but there are many things that can be harmful from a litter box, including, but not limited to: feces has bacteria, dust from the litter box can spread the bacteria which ... Read More »

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What can cat litter do to a pregnant woman's baby?

There are a few potential problems regarding pregnant women and cat litter. The first is that cat urine contains ammonia: some people say that breathing in the ammonia fumes can harm the fetus. How... Read More »

What should you eat to get a fair baby in your pregnancy?

I'm not sure what you mean by a fair baby. If you are talking about complexion, there is nothing you can do to change that, it will be a mix of you and the baby's father.

At what stage in pregnancy does the baby drop?

The "baby drop" is officially called lightning....when it happens depends on how many times you have been in labor. For first time mom's lightning can happen up to two weeks before labor begins....... Read More »

What week of pregnancy does the baby start kicking?

Midwives normally say you can start to feel fluttering sensations at around 16 weeks of pregnancy. However this can happen much sooner in some women and sometimes longer in others.