Dumbells and weights question?

Answer The lighter the weight and the more reps you do, the more toned your arms will become. The heavier you lift and less reps you do, the bigger your arms will get. Your arms will also become bigger ... Read More »

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Work-Out, Lifting Weights Bicep Curls question~?

You use your forearm muscles to grip the weight hence we the hurt a bit.As for the joint pain, I imagine it is just due to the fact the tissues at the joint aren't used to doing that sort of exerci... Read More »

How to Get Big Muscles Using Dumbells?

It's cheaper and more convenient to buy dumbells instead of a gym membership. You can build muscle with dumbells, if you are diligent about form. These instructions will show you how.

How to get bigger arms with just dumbells?

What you really need to do is mix it up with some compound exercises. Compound exercises should actually be your primary, go-to exercises during your workout regimen. These are exercises that utili... Read More »

Can you build chest muscles with 5lb dumbells?

yes push ups are mainly enduranceif you want an actual built chest, you need HEAVY weights. a weight thats heavy for you. unless 5 lbs are heavy for you...they wont build any muscle