Dull, but stabbing, upper right abdominal pain for a week?

Answer Gallstones, liver disease, pancreatitis, there are any number of organs in your upper right abdomen. You probably want to go see a doctor.

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Stabbing pain in my right upper pec?

Tight back muscles are causing small spasms to happen to send pains to your pecs. Freeing up your back muscles will release the tight muscles causing the spasms and here's how to free them up:Back... Read More »

Stabbing Pain in left upper arm. Hurts to move my arm?

Call your hospital and ask if they have a nurse that could help you over the phone. If we call ours we can tell them whats going on and they can either tell us we should or shouldn't come into the ... Read More »

How do you cure upper abdominal swelling and pain?

If you have recently developed stomach pain and bloating, you need to find out what is causing your symptoms. You will need to begin some detective work to find out if a particular food or group of... Read More »

Dull pain from back of my neck to shoulder upper arm, and wrist.?

Try Icy Hot. I am in Gymnastics and my back and neck and shoulder hurts all the time! i take a shower and rub it on there and then go to sleep and it helps me feel better. Try tea (uncaffeinated... Read More »