Dull ache under my rib cage on the upper right side gallbladder?

Answer Sounds like it. One of the test that they do to figure out if you have inflamed gallblader is to lay you down, take a large breath in and hold it, dig your fingers sort of under your ribs, and exh... Read More »

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Dull head ache like pain right side of my forehead?

causes of headaches=DehydrationCaffeineStressDry SinusesBlood Sugar ImbalanceWeatherHormonesSecond Hand smokeHungerNoiseEye StrainAny one of the above could have caused your headache,was the concer... Read More »

I have a dull ache in my left arm. What could it be?

Most likely it is one of life's great worries :) Actually those things tend to come and go with no apparent cause. If it comes back or stays, try to feel if it's bone or muscle. It could be a fl... Read More »

Dull right testicle ache Anyone else experience this?

I had a dull aching pain in my left ball for years. Was pretty much 7 years on and off. STD was ruled out but finally 1 day the pain got worse as the day went on and I had to phone nhs24. Got seen ... Read More »

Can any one explain what causes the dull ache for days after a person has a flu injection?

vaccines are made up of mostly inactive viruses so that the body can see the antigen and produce an antibody to be specific to fight it anytime it enters the body. so your body response is why you ... Read More »