Duck Tail Hairstyles?

Answer A lot of names have been given to this hairstyle that was popular in the 1950s. The so-called ducktail is achieved by greasing and combing back the hair around the side of the head to create a ridg... Read More »

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Topsy Tail Hairstyles?

Turning the classic ponytail upside down and inside out, the Topsy Tail allows you to achieve multiple looks with little effort. This hair tool hit the market in the 1990s and quickly gained popul... Read More »

High Pony Tail Hairstyles?

Sometimes you just don't have time to style your hair and it winds up in a ponytail day after day. If you are tired of the regular ponytail, mix it up with trendy ponytails placed high on the head.... Read More »

Cute Pony Tail Hairstyles?

A ponytail is a simple, classic way to style hair. Whether it's just a means for getting long locks out of the way or part of creating a sleek look for a night on the town, the humble ponytail is a... Read More »

Would you like to vote for Donald Duck as the sexiest duck alive?

As I stated before on various other occasions I would rather prefer to vote for his alter ego Paperinik (aka Phantomias, Duck Avenger, Superduck, PK, Superdonald or Phantom Duck). His outfit is so ... Read More »