Dual Monitors having different sharpness?

Answer Well TV's aren't monitors. So they are less sharp because they aren't inteded to be sat at directly in front of. Also, VGA has a worse signal than DVI and HDMI because VGA is anologue. DVI and HDMI... Read More »

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Setting Up Multiple Monitors (Dual Monitors)?

The Three main ways to Setup Multiple Monitors1) You can buy a pre-manufactured multiple monitor computer. The best place to purchase a multiple monitor computer is at: T... Read More »

Running dual monitors plus xbox 360 in one of the monitors?

Why not just get a small TV (about the same size as your monitor) that has HDMI input for xBox 360, and a VGA (or DVI) input for the PC. Would be much easier to manage than this whole thing you ar... Read More »

Dual monitors help PLEASE HELP New?

Is this possible with dual monitors?… this did not mention virtual machine usage to do it.… has "OnePlane" saying "Xen" will do it at hardware level.... Read More »