Dsub / dvi port on monitor question?

Answer means you can use either once. DVI/hdmi are the best ways to hook up a monitor. Please don't be the kind of guy that buys a 20inch LED monitor that runs a shitty d-sub cable use your DVI

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How to Play a VGA Monitor From an HDMI Port?

High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) ports and cables carry digital signals, while Video Graphics Array (VGA) ports and cables carry analog signals. Therefore, the two are not directly compa... Read More »

Dual monitor setup, one VGA port. Would USB to DVI work?

Stan I is wrong. USB goes both ways--input AND output. How else would USB printer cables work?There are many brands of USB--to--(whatever port you need) external video adapters on the market for ... Read More »

My desktop monitor is not working.can i use my laptop's screen as my desktop monitor my laptop has vga port.?

No it is not possible. The VGA port on your laptop is there to use a seperate viewing screen with your laptop not to use the screen on the laptop with a seperate computer. Because if did not notice... Read More »

Monitor Question About Companys?

I have never seen this company before. But I know that if you buy from tiger you will be able to return the product if it is crap, so it's your money and if oyu want to chance it go for it and let ... Read More »