Drying Heavy Blankets & Damaging the Dryer?

Answer While many dryers have large capacity drums and might even have specific cycles for large, bulky items, not all blankets are meant for drying in a residential unit. If your blanket is extremely lar... Read More »

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Are electric blankets damaging to skin tissue?

On One Hand: Safe operation poses no hazard to mostThe Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that proper care, maintenance and operation of electric blankets should pose no hazard to most cons... Read More »

Why doesn't my dryer seem to be drying efficiently?

It's very important to clean the lint filter after each dryer load. You'll be very surprised at how quickly your laundry dries after cleaning the filter, not to mention the safety issues of keeping... Read More »

How to Fix a Dryer when It Stops Drying Your Clothes?

A standard dryer.At some point in your dryer's use, it will seem to stop or not fully dry clothes. This is an article which explains what to do when this occurs.

Why Does My Dryer Make a Squeaking Noise When Drying?

Clothes dryers make many sounds during use, including thumping, whirring and clicking. These sounds happen for a variety of reasons, but if the dryer is making a squeaking noise, this may be a sign... Read More »