Dry Sump Vs. Wet?

Answer A dry sump oiling system in a car uses an external oil tank that holds oil as it is circulated through the engine. A wet sump system uses an oil pan directly underneath the engine in a manner that ... Read More »

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What is a sump pit?

Sump pits are common in building construction as a means to prevent fluid accumulation.UsesA sump pit is used to collect fluids in a building or floor space.ExamplesSump pits can found in residenti... Read More »

How to Dry Sump?

Dry sump systems are often used for race cars to boost the performance of their engines. The technology is used to lubricate the motor for two- and four-stroke engines that are piston internal comb... Read More »

How to Fix Sump Pumps?

The most common problem with sump pumps is that they don't turn on when they are full. This is caused by a problem with the float inside the sump pump. The float rises as the sump pump fills with w... Read More »

Why do i need a sump for my aquarium?

Taking care of fish can be a tricky business, as they require carefully maintained saltwater and freshwater environments to remain healthy. A sump, while not a necessity, is a beneficial tool that ... Read More »