Dry Sump Vs. Wet?

Answer A dry sump oiling system in a car uses an external oil tank that holds oil as it is circulated through the engine. A wet sump system uses an oil pan directly underneath the engine in a manner that ... Read More »

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How to Dry Sump?

Dry sump systems are often used for race cars to boost the performance of their engines. The technology is used to lubricate the motor for two- and four-stroke engines that are piston internal comb... Read More »

How to Discharge a Sump Pit?

Discharging a sump pit is necessary to prevent musty, foul odors in your home and to prevent basement flooding. Flushing the pit gets rid of debris that causes it to clog and the stagnant water tha... Read More »

How a Dry Sump Works?

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How to Check the Oil in a Dry Sump?

A dry sump oiling system is designed to keep the engine fully lubricated during high cornering loads. It is considered to be a high performance oiling system and is not common on all vehicles. Most... Read More »