Dry Skin & Tattooing?

Answer Tattoos are everywhere. People young and old, professionals and misfits, celebrities and everyday folk all seem to be sporting tattoos. However, as they are becoming a popular trend it is becoming ... Read More »

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Tattooing a Baby?

How to Mix Ink Colors for Tattooing?

Color is one of the many ways to enhance a tattoo--using it incorrectly is worse than not using it at all. Mixing ink colors is an all-or-nothing deal and if done incorrectly will leave a horrible ... Read More »

What is airbrush tattooing?

Airbrush tattooing refers to a type of temporary tattoo created by airbrushing a stencil placed on the skin. Airbrush tattoos look more realistic than other types of temporary tattoos, such as wash... Read More »

The History of Tattooing in China?

Walk across any university campus and it's not difficult to find students with Chinese symbols tattooed somewhere on their body. Westerners have latched onto this art form, though not always succes... Read More »